Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I have some sad news folks...the saga that is Half Beard must come to a halt. Actually the saga continues, but my posting here about those saga's must come to a halt. It appears that the government is upset about some of my posts. You see talking about things like Bigfoot, and Famous Half Beards in history, not to mention exposing the fact that there are indeed crazy Half Beards running around shaving other Half beards, has drawn some problems with National Security. Apparently I said too much and must be silenced. They are sending me on a vacation, somewhere cold I think. The blog will remain open until I return. When will I return? I do not know. Until then, I bid you farewell.

The beef has been squashed....
Officially there was no response other than "Boosh" from the infamous DJ EMI. I am not entirely sure what that means, but I do feel threatened. Even I, Half Beard, has his limitations. Funny little children talking in funny languages definitely frighten me.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Wannabe DJ's beware.....The picture you see above is none other than DJ EMI...oh yea that's right, you betta recognize...This dude works over at Hear It First...a very respected and dominant music site...I truly suggest checking it out if you like hip hop.
But let me get back to the matter at hand....
This dude DJ EMI....has some of the most amazing DJ'ing skillz I have ever unless you are real DJ you may not know the next terms i am about to use...
No one in today's DJ world can CUT,PASTE, and POST like this dude here...I've witnessed the skillz first hand...I've seen singles pop up one after another, all day long...just hit the refresh button..."Posted by DJ EMI"....
So I send one more warning to all you wannabe DJ's out there...unless you have mastered the art of CUT,PASTE, and POST...just kill yourself, no one does it better than DJ EMI...

My name is Half Beard and I support this message.
Please visit Hear It First, and let DJ EMI know how you feel.
P.S. You asked for this....lmao.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

So it's official, Kimbo Slice is not a Half Beard. For awhile I thought he was a Half Beard in disguise, but after tonight's fight, a 14 second knock out by Seth Petruzelli, who I might add did a great job, it's more than obvious Kimbo needs more training.
Ken Shamrock obviously was worried and scared shitless about fighting Kimbo.
I mean come on, Ken has been in MMA since the beginning of UFC, the guy knows better than to spar hard the night before a fight.
And please let's not take anything away from Seth Petruzelli, he is a MMA fighter. He trained, and is obviously more skilled than Kimbo. Also I think it needs to be mentioned that he was humble as hell. He could have said so many things, first about all the Kimbo hype, second about his 14 second domination, but he didn't. In true MMA fashion he spoke the reality of the situation: Neither one of them trained for "that" fight tonight...Seth however showed he was the better fighter. So much for Kimbo's mantra of "whoever, whenever, where ever".
I know this is my second post MMA related, and for those that are here for humor, I apologize, but stay tuned, regular programming will resume.